A Unique Seminar Experience


"The Seminar was not intended to make a corporate treasurer a more skilled corporate treasurer, but to help a leader gain access to his or her own humanity by becoming more self-aware, more self-correcting and more self-fulfilling."


Walter Paepcke

Founder, The Aspen Institute




"Thanks to Aspen Germany for bringing very different people to a safe, senseful, and resourceful space and group for reflection and growth."


Nataliya Yemchenko

Chief Reputation Officer, SRM (Kyiv)



"Although the invitation was for intellectual stimulation, the learning was only possible because of the generosity, care, empathy and support from the entire Aspen team. Thank you for your selfless service!"



Jehona Gjurgjeala

Executive Director, TOKA (Pristina)




"Four days of relative seclusion from the outside world; with ample time for discussions, compelling readings,

and fascinating people. What a valuable and memorable experience! I left the Seminar refreshed and inspired, and feel better prepared for the next career step which I am about to take."


Dr. Benjamin Becker

Managing Director, AmerikaHaus NRW




"For an incredible experience to broaden the individual horizon, connect with inspiring people and reconsider personal habits and day to day business."




Alexander Kulitz

Member of the Germany Parliament for the Free Democratic Party



"The seminar broadened my mindset, sharpened my thoughts, and resonates back to my daily life."



Jörg Kotzenbauer

CEO, ZBI Gruppe



"It’s a great experience to shut everything down for a couple of days and study texts about leadership across ages and disciplines. I had already read some of the texts in my studies of theology and other leadership seminars but the in-depth discussion with others, moderated by senior experts from leading international universities, turns the seminar into an unique experience you won’t find anywhere else."


Martin-Sebastian Abel

Director, MSL Germany  


"This Seminar really makes a difference, it is unique. The idea of discussing basic values and ideas makes this format very powerful. It is offline. That is the key. I will never forget this experience."


Christoph Gottschalk

CEO, The New Institute


"The leadership training was an enriching and inspiring experience from the preparation to the event itself. To meet such a diverse group of interesting people and discuss with a philosophical background various historical as well as current challenges was an extraordinary experience."


Ursula Schwarzenbart

General Manager, Talent Development and Global Diversity Management, Daimler AG

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"The Seminar provides a unique opportunity to reflect on universal values and leadership qualities in an extremely inspiring context. The discussions and the new ideas they offered will last!"

Dr. Hans-Jörg Schmedes

Head of Unit Federal Affairs, Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the Federal Republic of Germany


"I experienced the Aspen Leadership seminar as a truly unique way of reconnecting to what is leadership about-being principled and ethically grounded while making change happen. It creates an opportunity to reconnect to timeless philosophical wisdom in an extraordinary group of diverse and passionate people, and creates the space for a quality of dialogue we are so much missing in our daily responsibilities. I strongly recommend the seminar as an important moment to reset the inner compass at important turning point in our professional careers."

Dr. Friedrich Kuhn

Global Head Transformational Leadership, Egon Zehnder 


"I wish more people visit your Seminar.

It helps mind and soul to recharge and to heal – a lot of people need it in the modern world. And I was surprised by the interesting composition. Very diverse. Never could imagine that it would work so well. I was impressed that it did."

Olga Vysokova

Senior Manager, Kalido Private Office, "Women Who Inspire"


"Even during the pandemic with everyone in front of their screens and hundreds of kilometres apart, the Aspen Seminar was one of the most worthwhile experiences

I have had so far – be it the literature, our great moderators, the open and honest discussions, or the way that my thinking and my opinions were challenged. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!"

Roberta Ahlers

Producerin, Climaware


"It is worthwhile from time to time to reconsider ones philosophical, ethical and spiritual fundament to find out, how resilient it still is. The Aspen Leadership Program is the best opportunity to do so, which crossed my way during my entire life. Four unforgettable days filled with intensive talks, great readings, fantastic people and brand new surprising ideas,

I expected much but finally was overwhelmed."


Erhard Seeger

CEO, 100 % Renewable Independent Power Producer


"Inspirational, intensive, stimulating ... an exceptional learning experience that provides depth into a variety of leadership approaches and their evolution over time. It expanded my understanding of some key drivers of my personal values and professional goals."


Astrid Moix

Owner, Glocal Talent