"The chance to think through complex philosophical topics along the everlasting themes of humanity in a calm environment, was a unique experience. What made it even more special, was the open-mindedness and humour of the other participants in the discussions. To create such an open atmosphere is a great achievement."


Claire Scollar
Founder and Manager, I.e.P. GmbH 


"My time at the Aspen Seminar was unique experience. Whilst being intellectually challenging the atmosphere was at the same time extremely stimulating.

I can truly recommend Aspen to those interested in broadening their minds."


Dr. Jan Tibor Lelley

Partner with BUSE and member of BUSE’s Practice Group Employment


"The Aspen Seminar has been a unique experience challenging my own understandings over philosophical writings with people I had not met before."


Christoph Stolz

Head of Public Affairs, Sto SE & Co. KGaA


"I was infected with a healthy virus that will spread and propagate for a long time to come."


Alexander Kamenz

Managing Director, E. Michaelis & Co.


"The Aspen Leadership Seminar changed the way I think about myself as a leader by helping me identify my core values and beliefs while putting them in intellectual and philosophical context. I met incredible people from all walks of life, people I otherwise would not have come into contact with and certainly not at a level so deep and collaborative. The Seminar provided a concentrated, guided opportunity to focus on and articulate what's truly important to me as a global citizen and to learn from other leaders who are asking themselves the same challenging questions."


Barbara Lanciers

Director, Trust for Mutual Understanding


"An interesting composition of participants from very diverse backgrounds and varied and meaningful texts were the foundation for an all-round successful and personally enriching seminar. The approach of reflecting personal ethics and leadership decisions through philosophical discussion was special and differs from conventional training.  Thank you!"

Frauke Schmidt

Founder FS Training & Consulting


"As a Commission official, the Aspen Seminar in Berlin was in full sync with the foundation of our European project based on shared values, enlightening ideas and most of all true leadership. My encounters and dialogues with all participants were truly fantastic."


Cosmin Dobran

Head of Unit, European Commission


"This exceptional seminar tackles leadership from a very unusual angle. 

It requires you to bring in your own personality and provides space to reflect more deeply on yourself and what really drives and motivates you. I felt indeed enlightened and richer, in knowledge, wisdom, perspectives – and new friendships."


Dr. Julia Stamm

Founder & CEO, The Futures Project