Alumni Activities 2019

Alumni Thanksgiving Dinner on Lessons to Life, Politics and

Policy in today's Polarized World

Happy Turkey Day! On November 28, 2019, the Aspen Germany Leadership Program, the German Stanford Association and the Harvard University Alumni Club of Berlin hosted an American-style Thanksgiving Dinner. 

More than 100 friends and family of the three organizations came together at Harnack Haus, the Max Planck Society’s conference venue and guesthouse. The impressive building provided a festive setting to celebrate one of the most important American holidays with traditional food and the roast turkey, which is an absolute must. The good food was supplemented with great food for thought with a talk by Lisa Witter, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Apolitical, on "Thanks(giving) on the brain (and we’re not talking tryptophan): Applying lessons to life, politics and policy in today’s polarized world". The evening left a great crowd in thankful spirits, being amazingly aware of the dopamine-related processes thankfulness triggers in the brain, in addition to inspiring conversations with old and new friends alike.